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Andrew Jackson Higgins
(1886 - 1952)
Born in Columbus, Nebraska

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Trip to New Orleans
and the
National D-Day Museum -
March 21 - 25, 2001

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Several veterans from the Columbus, NE area, students from Columbus High School, teachers and others made the trip to New Orleans to see the National D-Day Museum, the Higgins family and to tour the area.  The trip was exciting and enjoyed by all that made the trip.
  • Photo 1:  Jackson Barracks is where the group stayed on the Military base in New Orleans.
  • Photo 2:  Reception at the Jackson Barracks. Front Left around the table. Betty Davidson, Ron Davidson, Edward Neesen (son), Schuyler, Dick Breuer, and father Veteran Edward Neesen also from Schuyler looking at the many gifts donated by businesses in Columbus, Governor Johanns, and the military.
  • Photo 3:  This was taken at Jackson Barracks in New Orleans.  Gayle Higgins Jones, granddaughter of Andrew Jackson Higgins, Dawn Higgins Murphy, daughter of A.J.H., and Jerry Strahan, author of Andrew Jackson Higgins and the Boats that Won World War II. The Admiral of the Navy certificates were a gift from Governor Johanns and framed by Senator Jenny Robak.
  • Photo 4:  Andrew Jackson Higgin's daughter, Dawn Higgins Murphy, in the center in blue meeting guest at Jackson Barracks in New Orleans. Behind Dawn, in front of Jerry, is her husband Bob. The person across from Jerry, in the back, is Ron Davidson, Veteran from Columbus. Talking to Dawn is Herman Schmitz, veteran from Petersburg. Front right is Rex Gfeller, veteran from Lincoln, left front is Betty Davidson. Between her and Dawn is Mickey Behlen.
  • Photo 5:  KLIR News Director Jim Herink doing one of a dozen live interviews during the bus trip. Here Jim is interviewing veteran Frank Micek while at Jackson Barracks.
  • Photo 6:  Brad Zywiec, CHS sophomore and artist for the Higgins Project, doing a caricature sketch of Burdette Priefert. Burdette (Stub is his nickname) and wife sitting, live in Hebron. The other couple in the picture are Glen and Eunah Goering, a veteran and his wife from Columbus. This picture was taken in New Orleans (NO), Jackson Barracks (JB) in LA. After the reception we went to dinner. Returning late many were not ready for bed so Brad did some char. drawings.
  • Photo 7:  National D-Day Museum Luncheon hosted by Andrew Jackson Higgin's Granddaughter Gayle Higgins Jones. This is a presentation of D-Day ties given to SFC John Valasek and Major Jerry Meyer our travel coordinators. The ties were a gift from everyone on the bus tour.
  • Photo 8:  Jerry Meyer and daughters of Andrew Jackson Higgins - Andre'e Higgins Stefferud and Dawn Higgins Murphy.
  • Photo 9  - 10 - 11 - 12 -13:  Everyone enjoyed the luncheon at the D-Day Museum.  Luncheon hosted by Gayle Higgins Murphy.
  • Photo 14:  The daughters of Andrew Jackson Higgins standing by his gravesite.  Left - Andre'e Higgins Stefferud and Right - Dawn Higgins Murphy.
  • Photo 15:  Jerry E. Strahan: Author of the Andrew Jackson Higgins biography - "Andrew Jackson Higgins and the Boats That Won World War II."
  • Photo 16:  This is a picture with all the veterans that were on the bus trip in front of Andrew Jackson Higgins grave. Our bus driver was also a veteran. We decorated the grave on March 23rd following the reception luncheon at the museum, hosted by Gayle Higgins Jones who is the granddaughter of Andrew Jackson Higgins. We, also, had a tour of the city that afternoon showing us where Higgins Industries buildings were located. Author Jerry Strahan was the tour guide.
  • Photo 17:  Gathering at the National D-Day museum. Left to right - Backs - Dick Breuer, Virginia Priefert, Hebron, Lauretta Dixon talking to Virginia. Black Sweater is Maureen Carrigg, Wayne State College (helping students with the documentary) talking to Jerry Strahan. Left to right in background. Herman Schmitz, Dawn Higgins Murphy, Brian Kucera, Robin Tipton. To the left is the Higgins boat.
  • Photo 18:  Saturday was our last day in New Orleans. After breakfast at Shoney's we went to the River Walk and took a luncheon cruise on the Creole Queen. The cruise took us down the Mississippi past plantations and large ships docked along the way. We were given the opportunity to get off the boat at the historical site of the battle of New Orleans. While the ranger was educating us on this significant battle other were busy looking through the gift shop. After the rangers speech we got back on the boat and enjoyed a Creole luncheon including red beans and rice, along with Jambalaya, a BBQ beef sandwich, green salad, gumbo soup and bread pudding for dessert.
  • Photo 19:  Maureen Carrigg professor at Wayne State College accompanied the Higgins group to New Orleans. Maureen is working with the students preparing for the taping of the Nebraska Noah. Brandon Rosno is holding the campera with Tiffany White and Lindsay Warnick looking on.
  • Photo 20:  The group before leaving for home
  • Photo 21:  Arriving home.

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